Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Patients who are experiencing decreased sex drive, uneven emotional states, and unwanted physical changes often associated with aging or change of life may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

Both men and women can have low testosterone. While the symptoms differ, both can address their concerns through therapy and see significant improvement in the way they look and feel. Find out more about treatment options from Health & Beauty Physicians.

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for sexual development in men. Healthy women also have small amounts of testosterone, which is primarily produced in the ovaries.

In both men and women, it’s important to have the right levels—neither too high nor too low—to avoid unwanted physical changes and health effects.

  • In men, low testosterone can impact erectile function, energy levels, moods, muscle-building, and the burning of fat.
  • Declining testosterone in women may correlate to a reduced sex drive.

Testosterone levels typically decrease as men age into their late 30s and as women go through menopause. With testosterone replacement therapy, patients may be able to slow or stop these concerns.

Dr. Sani may recommend the procedure if:

  • You are a man and notice decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, lack of mental focus, mood swings, weight gain, or the loss of muscle.
  • You are a woman and note a decreased sex drive, particularly as you approach menopause.
  • You don’t have health concerns that can conflict with treatment.

Health & Beauty Physicians will review these issues with you to ensure that you receive the care you need.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In your initial consultation with Dr. Sani, he will discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing and conduct tests to determine your current levels of testosterone. Depending on the results, he will then create a treatment plan to supplement your body with the hormones it requires.

In a separate, non-invasive procedure:

  • Sani will use a local anesthetic in the areas he will treat.
  • He will place testosterone time-release pellets beneath the skin.
  • Incisions are typically so small that sutures are not required.

After your procedure, the time-release pellets will begin to distribute testosterone directly into the blood stream. Unlike daily hormone replacement therapy techniques or creams, this approach mirrors the way your body normally works, helping you get the testosterone you need consistently and in the correct dosage.

Patients report improvement soon after treatment in a range of areas, including libido, energy levels, mood, and general satisfaction. If you would like to experience these same benefits, we encourage you to contact our practice.

Schedule your initial consultation with Health & Beauty Physicians to learn about testosterone replacement therapy. Patients can reach our office by calling (408) 636-7101 or contacting us online.

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