What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy with Pellets?

When it comes to most consumer products, there’s a certain degree of good-better-best tiering built in. The lowest price is still of acceptable quality but more economically friendly, while the best is the best but comes at a higher cost. This sort of thing works just fine for clothing and household goods, but where healthcare is concerned, you would think only the best available care would be acceptable…unfortunately, you would be wrong.

In Sunnyvale and San Jose, hormone replacement therapy can be had from a variety of sources but not all of them use the highest grade hormones available. In fact, many hormone therapies use freeze-dried horse urine and synthetic fillers – not exactly the first things you’d rush to put in your body. Fortunately, Dr. Omeed Sani offers the very best quality hormone replacement therapy available to replace your own hormones as you age.

Bio-Identical Hormones for Superior Treatment

Bio-identical hormones are compounds specifically formulated to match the molecular structure of human hormones using only botanical ingredients of the highest quality. Because these hormones are genetically identical to your own, they integrate seamlessly into your body chemistry to produce excellent results without the emotional instability commonly experienced with other hormones.

In hormone replacement therapy with pellets, your current hormone levels are tested and analyzed by Dr. Sani to determine the ideal replacement amounts. Then, bio-identical hormone pellets are inserted just below the skin, typically in your hip, while you’re under a mild local anesthetic. Once inserted, these pellets provide a slow, even stream of the hormones your body needs to combat the effects of hormone deficiency that come with age. Benefits experienced with this therapy include:

  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Decreased body fat and increased ability for fitness
  • Reduced fatigue/increased energy levels
  • Improved mental focus and memory
  • Greater mood consistency and relief from depression/anxiety

The insertion procedure only takes about 5 minutes with no down-time afterward. The pellets can last from 3-6 months or longer, so you can spend the majority of your time just being you.

Don’t settle for lower quality treatments that take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Sunnyvale and San Jose hormone replacement expert Dr. Omeed Sani offers the highest quality care available. Call 408.636.7101 today to schedule your appointment.

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