5 star rating hi everyone,dr Aghayifar and all his staff are excellent.very pleasant and professional.my moms treatment was handled with care.my mom and our whole family had been his Patient for a long time.you can tell that they are very passionate about what they do.they treat my mom like a family members and i really appropriate it.once you visit them you will never look again for another doctor .
Ala A. 2 years ago
5 star rating After years of dealing with TMJ jaw pain, botox was the solution. And this place is awesome!

I received my injection by one of the medical staff, and he was very respectful, personable, kind and gentle. And he added in a bonus. Very nice of him.

I will definitely be coming back here for TMJ treatment in the future.
Albert N. 3 years ago
5 star rating I received botox for my jaw pain TMJ problem. I suffered for years and finally with just 20 on each side all the tension stress and pain on the jaw was gone. You know I was skeptical that botox worked for tmj pain. I thought how can an injection help a joint dysfunction? Well it did work . I honestly thank the Doctor I for his name but he is latino. Very knowledgeable on the procedure and bamm it worked right away like within mintes full results in 3 days. Also helped my jaw line look slimmer like im younger. Will come again in a few months when Im due.^_^
angelica b. 3 years ago
5 star rating Absolutely fabulous customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and nice, clean office. Offered me advice on what treatment would best suit my needs and even talked me out of one pricey treatment I thought I might need. They advised to wait a few years! I will definitely recommend to friends.
Alison S. 3 years ago
5 star rating What a great find right in my neighborhood! I used to drive 45 min to get treatments at a well-known (and overpriced) clinic. No more! I have been going to Health and Beauty Physicians in Sunnyvale for two years now. I have had fillers, Botox, and even a "vampire facial" (PRP treatment). I am always happy with my results, and the injectors are amazing. It is important to me that an injector be confident about their technique. (There is nothing worse than watching a shaky needle millimeters from your eyeball. 🙂 I also appreciate that they use a light while injecting to avoid bruising.

They never push services, and recommend additional treatments only when asked. I absolutely recommend this little oasis to make you feel and look your best.
Julie G. 4 years ago
5 star rating I had a great experience using Health & Beauty Physicians. I would recommend this business to friends.
Jesse L. 4 years ago
5 star rating All of the staff members were helpful and pleasant. There was absolutely no pain involved and no swelling, although individual results will vary. I will definitely be back in a few months for additional services.
Camille P. 4 years ago
5 star rating Dr. David is very knowledgeable and professional. She always recommends the best treatment without trying to get you to purchase additional products.
Trudy A. 4 years ago
5 star rating From the moment we got there, everything went smoothly. Service was awesome. They really catered to our needs. They were able to target areas that needed attention. Definitely will be back.
Rowena T. 4 years ago
5 star rating I was greeted immediately upon arriving and everyone was very kind. The physician doing the injections was thorough and attentive to my needs. Answered all my questions in detail. I will return! Quick, easy, minimal discomfort and no downtime!
Diana P. 4 years ago
5 star rating Great job, professional, knowledgeable!
Very thorough and fantastic results with my Botox. Explained procedures. Great pricing for this area. I'll be back for more treatments. Thank you!
Kelle Rose H. 4 years ago
5 star rating Awesome results from an awesome doctor. Glad a gave it a second shot. Super convenient location and a great front office staff. Will definitely return.
Cat F. 4 years ago
5 star rating Customer service was great and the doctor was really knowledgeable. The results were as expected.
Mayra R. 4 years ago
5 star rating I'm very happy with my results! The front desk office is super friendly and very helpful. My results are amazing. I'm very satisfied. Thank you very much for helping feel more confident and happy about my self.
Lilly Q. 4 years ago
5 star rating Best service! They treat you like family and give the best advice! They put clients first!
Lupe A. 4 years ago
5 star rating Very nice staff. The traffic the particular day I arrived was horrible, therefore I was late and didn't think they would take me. They were understanding and still took the time with me. The Doctor was pleasant, provided me details and explanations of the service. He was very calming which is good as it's not always comfortable getting stuck with a needle. The outcome of my Botox was very nice, I was pleased with the entire experience
Carrie S. 4 years ago
5 star rating Thoroughly enjoyed my experience here! I have been wanting to come back! I felt very cared for and taken care of by the staff and physicians. Hoping for some Botox again soon my crows feet are back!
Shannon E. 4 years ago
5 star rating The service is great and the doctor is very knowledgable about the treatment. he will notmpush you to purchase additional units of botox even i was using my voucher from groupon. very highly recommended
Ruan B. 4 years ago
5 star rating Very friendly staff and answered all my questions and I had a lot! I felt comfortable during my appointment and will go back again in the future.
Katie R. 4 years ago
5 star rating The experince coming to this office exceeded my expectations. The way in which we(husband and wife)we're treated was exceptional. Doctor spoke in such detail he left no questions unanswered.. Loved the results..
Gaby C. 5 years ago
5 star rating The botox result was the best I have ever had in all my experiences, in just a few days you'll see obvious result, amazing! And the doctor is super professional, will definitely come back again:)
Suphy L. 5 years ago
5 star rating The staff are friendly and welcoming. I was even educated regarding skin and hair which I appreciate.
Edna D. 5 years ago
5 star rating Friendly front desk staff! Dr. was amazing and I didn't feel pressured into doing anything extra, he simply told me the best options but I didn't feel pushed into getting more. The results look amazing I love it!
Emily M. 5 years ago
5 star rating Wonderful!!! I just happened to find Dr. Sani randomly. I loved him! I had a consultation yesterday (arrived 12 minutes late), and he was such a joy! I had two international girl students from Japan with me, and he was so nice to them. He definitely made all of us feel welcomed!
I'm looking to understand how to make my hair healthier. After cutting all of my hair off in 2013, my hair never grew back the same. I had wavy hair and baby curls and my hair never grew back the same and, I have not been able to grow it to the original length (middle of my back). I have a lot of hair, and I mean a lot!!! But my hair has never been the same even with my daily routine of women's one a day vitamins, hair, skin, and nail vitamins. I have never colored my hair, either. After looking at my hair, he recommended blood work.
In addition to Dr. Sani looking at my hair, I'm definitely going to explore vampire facials and laser peels. My skin is in great condition (I get asked if I'm in my early 30's, I'm 41), which helps since I do not smoke or drink alcohol (nearly never).
That said, Dr. Sani was amazing, great energy, present, delightful, easy flowing conversation, and very helpful!! Having been in a role that is client facing since 1999 (recruiting/talent advisor for early-stage companies and FANG/GAFA/The Four), customer feedback is something that I weigh very heavily and-- something that is very dear to me, so I pay very close attention to my experience/s at all levels. I highly recommend Dr. Sani, and I am extremely excited to work with him in the future. Thank you, Dr. Sani!!
Megan H. 5 years ago
5 star rating Very pleased with service today. I went in a few weeks ago for botox and today had a voluma treatment. Very happy with professionalism of the staff and the artistry of the doctor.
M R. 5 years ago
5 star rating Very professional office and Dr. I bought a groupon and I am satisfied with the outcome. I will definately use this office again!!
Dana A. 5 years ago
5 star rating The staff and doc we're very helpful and friendly. The doc spent the time to talk with me about my goals and what he thought would benefit me and the proper way to go about achieving those goals. They did try to upsell me some but now a days who doesn't and they weren't too pushy about it so that was nice. Clean ans sanitary place. Would definitely recommend.
Felecia S. 5 years ago
5 star rating Simply the best in town!!

The offices are super clean and the staff is beyond attentive and caring, they totally create a VIP experience!
JC A. 5 years ago
5 star rating The Dr. was very informative before he started my treatment of Botox. He was very friendly and made sure to give me exactly what I wanted without trying to upsell me. The staff greeted me right away and took me in pretty quickly. I found them off of Groupon and I highly recommend this place!
Tori G. 5 years ago
5 star rating Really awesome and helpful staff. They make you feel really comfortable and don't pressure you or try to sell you hard on other services. Great experience!
Eva C. 5 years ago
5 star rating Great experience!!! Everyone in the office is very friendly. Dr. was great at explaining what was gonna happen to my face and what I needed to do to get the results I wanted.
Angalina A. 5 years ago
5 star rating I found Dr Sani through a Groupon offer.
They were very accommodating with booking my appointment. The office personnel were very friendly.
For my appointment, I did have to wait a bit longer than usual. I guess the doctor was extremely busy. It did feel rushed, but Overall i was satisfied with the treatment.
Linda L. 5 years ago
5 star rating Health and beauty physicians was recommended to me by a colleague. When I called to make an appointment, the receptionist that answered the phone was very friendly and worked diligently to accommodate my difficult schedule. She was able to give me an appointment for a couple of days after I called to book. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the receptionist. After filling out the necessary paperwork, I did not have to wait long before meeting Dr. Sani. Dr. Sani was very professional in his approach, and took the time to have a conversation with me regarding what I was hoping to achieve with Botox. He was very respectful, and offered some suggestions for me. The treatment was quick and painless and when I was leaving I was offered after procedure care notes and a phone number should questions or concerns arise. I was very pleased with my experience and results, and would recommend Dr. Sani to anyone looking for Botox treatment.
Heather J. 5 years ago
5 star rating I purchased 20 units from Groupon so that I could try Botox for the first time. When I went in for my appointment, the doctor went over my the procedure and results in depth and helped me to understand what was necessary to achieve the outcome I desired. I purchased an extra 12 units once I decided what I wanted to have done, and the results are great! It took a few days to see some of the results, but it's been about 3 weeks now, and I'm happy to see I got what I wanted. I'd definitely come again!
Ariana T. 5 years ago
5 star rating This place is the best all the doctors are very professional in the front office staff is very professional as well and the doctor did my evaluation he was super knowledgeable about what he was doing and how is going to be what it what it look like a he told me all the pitfalls I guess something went wrong so he told me to do something went wrong I didn't like it I can come back and get it redone retouched or whatever he wanted whenever I wanted done and I give this place I would give this place 10 stars as they had 10 stars on it maybe he should try it out and gentlemen is rock thank you Tina
Tina K. 5 years ago

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