Restylane Filler in Sunnyvale

One of the few non-animal based fillers, Restlyane is effective for treating wrinkles, folds, and creases that develop as our face naturally ages. our Medical Providers can also use Restylane to: restore volume under the eyes, enhance cheekbones and augment chins.

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What Is Restylane?

  • Restore volume under the eyes
  • Enhance cheekbones
  • Augment chins

The versatility of Restylane offers a non-surgical way to balance facial proportions and reverse the effects of aging.*

*Individual results may vary

During The Procedure

Before beginning the procedure, our Medical Providers will evaluate your health and listen to the results that you want to achieve during an initial consultation. During the treatment our Medical Providers will:

  • Perform the procedure at his office
  • Use local anesthesia so that you feel no discomfort during your procedure.
  • Inject fillers into your skin using Dermasculpt’s microcannula to reduce bruising, pain, and downtime.
  • Take a conservative treatment approach by gradually treating lines and wrinkles until he achieves results that you are happy with.

After the procedure you may experience a little discomfort, but this will not prevent you from returning to your normal routine the same day.*

*Recovery time varies from patient to patient

Dermasculpt’s Microcannula

As part of his innovative injectable treatment, our Medical Providers has integrated an effective new technique using Dermasculpt’s microcannula. Developed in France, Dermasculpt has evolved a blunt-tipped microcannula to deliver the injectable filler precisely where it’s needed with essentially:

  • No bruising*
  • No swelling*
  • No pain*
  • No downtime*

*Individual results may vary

The design of the microcannula also allows for one injection site to deliver filler to several areas and stimulate new collagen to grow.

Our Reviews

The staff & Doctor were very friendly and explained each issue thoroughly and with sensitivity. I appreciated the
options presented and results of the procedure I received have been excellent.

Patricia R.

Dr. is amazing, took his time and explained the procedure to the “t”… Staff was courteous and professional. I was a
little skeptical at first being a male going into get Botox done, but I’m glad I did because the results turned out great and I’m definitely gonna be back.

Kyle B.

Had a few Botox treatments, the results were amazing!! Better than any I had before!! No pains and looks like a few
years younger! I warmly recommend!!

Hila H.

Received Botox for TMJ treatment here. Dr. Sutkin is very knowledgeable about the procedure and doesn’t try to unnecessarily upsell the units. I’ll be back!
*Individual results may vary

Diana D.

Me and my mom both had fantastic experience with Dr Sutkin. It was her rst time getting Botox and she’s now a lifetime subscriber. She even noted what greatskin all the patients coming in for appointments had! After my appointment I walked into the lobby and began to feel dizzy. This was my rst experience feeling faint. Dr Sutkin and hisstaff handled the situation perfectly and I left only feeling a little embarrassed. I will [denitely] be a returning customer.

Alli A.

The office staff isfriendly. Dr. Sutkin is very professional. He applied the amount according to my actual needs. No pushing. No trying to sell anything extra. A pleasant experience.
*Individual results may vary

Sabrina C.

Great experience. I highly recommend Dr. Sutkin. He took histime answering all of my questions and was not pushy. The office staff was great and my appointment began right on time. I highly recommend this office.

Amy M.

Excellentservice!! And the [staff] are very lovely and friendly.

Jacqueline Z.

The ofce staff isfriendly. Dr. Sutkin is very professional. He applied the amount according to my actual needs. No
pushing. No trying to sell anything extra. A pleasant experience.

Sabrina C.

Staff is great! Botox looks natural, which is what I wanted. They have a rewards program which is awesome, and you
can use it with brilliant distinctions.

Olivia G.

I purchased a Groupon for Botox after nding out my regular doctor had raised the cost on histreatmentsto an insane amount. I was nervousto nd a new doctor but went with Health & Beauty Physicians after reading the reviews. My nerves were soon calmed asthey were very accommodating and friendly. I was having a bad day and was running pretty late. I called and informed them I waslate and the staff told me to come in if I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. Once called in, Dr. Sutkin did not try to push more units on me even though… Read more “Kristin S.”

Kristin S.

Staff is great! Botox looks natural, which is what I wanted. They have a rewards program which is awesome, and you can use it with brilliant distinctions.
*Individual results may vary

Olivia G.

I purchased a Groupon for Botox after nding out my regular doctor had raised the cost on his treatments to an insane amount. I was nervous to find a new doctor but went with Health & Beauty Physicians after reading the reviews. My nerves were soon calmed asthey were very accommodating and friendly. I was having a bad day and was running pretty late. I called and informed them I was late and the staff told me to come in if I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. Once called in, Dr. Sutkin did not try to push more units… Read more “Kristin S.”

Kristin S.

I went in to Dr. Sutkins ofce desperate to get rid of wrinkles on my neck. I thought I’m too young to have wrinkles on my neck.struggling with effectsfrom weight gain and then weight loss. I had awful deep wrinkles. He put Botox into my wrinkles not only to lift my neck but get rid of the wrinkles. They were deep and they are basically gone in one week!!!!!!!!
*Individual results may vary


I got my Botox and the doc did a great job! I will denitely be coming back for more.
*Individual results may vary

Pamela P.

Had Botox to take care of grown lines. Doc was great and I LOVE the result. A little went a long way!!!!
*Individual results may vary

Alex E.

The was my first time at this office. I made a purchase on Groupon after reading several positive reviews. I was happy at how easy the location wasto nd. The ofce staff was very professional and welcoming. Dr. Sutkin was honest, realistic and explained several proceduresto me before we decided what would best for me. I appreciated how much time he spent with me and I love my results. I denitely plan to go back again and again.
*Individual results may vary

Raquel M.

Very thorough consultation. Dr. Sutkin is very knowledgeable and professional. He took photos and we reviewed them, let me know what treatment options were available and didn’t pressure me into getting more than what i came for. I felt very comfortable and would trust him to help me achieve my goals.
*Individual results may vary

Alma H.

Had my first visit here about a month ago. And first time having Botox injections. The office staff were friendly and the dr actually took the time to answer all my questions and concerns and even provide recommendationsfor future consideration.
*Individual results may vary

S Y.

Everyone in the ofce wasfriendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my visit! Dr. Sami and his staff were knowledgeable and professional. I would denitely recommend them.
*Individual results may vary

Kismet Z.

Good experience here. Dr Sutkin and staff were very informative and make you feel comfortable.
*Individual results may vary

Sharon C.

Greatservice and great advice! The skin analysisreally helped me see the underlying damage to my skin. I was able to get a same day appt and was out within 1 hour! Thanks!
*Individual results may vary

Timothy R.

Super thrilled about my results. The staff was very friendly and Dr.Suktin was just awesome, honest and not pushy! Definately going back!


Skilled doctor and staff that take the time to explain your procedure. The Dr. Spent much more time with me than
expected. Achieved natural looking resultsfor a reasonable cost.
*Individual results may vary

Sheryl S.

Dr Sutkin is a fantastic doctor. Highly recommend his services


Greatservice, professional and very personal approach, detailed explanation of all procedures and of everything
related to my skin exam. I’ll denitely come back cause itseemslike the best place to take care of my skin and to
maintain my youth))) I feel completely satised and happy each time I visit this great clinic. Irene
*Individual results may vary

Irene K.

I’m very pleased with Dr Sutkin’s work. I had Botox and llers and am very happy with the results. This wasthe rst
time I’d had any type of procedure so I wanted a very natural look. Somehow Dr Sutkin managed to turn back the
clock without it being obvious! His manner was calming and professional, I would highly recommend him, and will
be going back in future.
*Individual results may vary

Millie M.

I bought 20u of Botox through Groupon. However, from experience, I already know that I would need only 16-18u. I
called the ofce before buying, and the ofce staff informed me that they would be willing to refund me the balance
in the event that the doctor recommendslessthan 20u. The staff was nice upon arrival, and I was pleasantly
surprised with a bottle of Perrier once in the examination room. It’s a nice little touch that makes you feel more like you’re in a spa, rather than a medical ofce. Dr. Sutkin was pleasant, and clearly very… Read more “Kelly K.”

Kelly K.

Dr. Dani isthe best! I got Botox to my forehead and crowsfeet. It did not hurt at all and I loved the results. This guy knows what he’s doing. I highly recommend that you go see him if you are thinking about getting llers.
*Individual results may vary

Michelle M.

I had a great experience! Everyone at the front desk was kind and helpful and Dr. Sutkin was very informative and
explained well what he could do to achieve the outcome I waslooking for. I am very happy with my results and will
denitely be back.
*Individual results may vary

Erika K.

Dr Sutkin is a very caring person . He responded to my needs and making sure everything is ok and I feel comfortable
*Individual results may vary

Evelyn M.

Excellentservice and professionalism. Even though it’s a smaller ofce, they provide a myriad of procedures. I can only comment on the Botox since this wasthe only treatment I’ve had.
*Individual results may vary

Angela S.

Dr. Sutkin is great!! I wanted to getsome botox done and literally he did the whole processin 5 minutes with
minimal pain!! It felt great!!! He was easy to talk with and the process went thru smoothly!!i will be back!!!
*Individual results may vary

Sammy G.

Highly recommend. Knowledgeable staff and Doctor isthorough.
*Individual results may vary

Erin P.

Great, nice caring staff. I felt taken care of there. Very professional. Clean ofce. I would go again.
*Individual results may vary

Katie C.

Great and professionalservice. Dr wasthorough and professional. Great outcome so far although I’ve only had one
visitso I need to wait another 10 daysfor full results.
*Individual results may vary

Claire B.

I was very satised with the results.. I bought 20 units on Groupon but end up getting convinced for more on time of
visit.. a lot people noticed changed on my face but for much better. Looked a few years younger for close to 3 months.
*Individual results may vary

Roberta R.

I am extremely pleased with my results. I have tried many placesfor Botox and otherservices, and I have nally
gotten the resultsI waslooking for! I had purchased it on groupon after reading reviews. So happy I chose this place because I found my cosmetic go-to with Dr. Sutkin. He listened, explained, and truly showed passion and knowledge. The clinic also had excellent customerservice from scheduling to check out. Looking forward to going back for maintanance and more!
*Individual results may vary

Nancy G.

I originally came here because I had a coupon. I had been thinking about getting botox treatments and I wanted to
know what the best route wasfor me to reach my beauty goal. The staff in this ofce are very friendly, . Dr Sutkin
discussed different treatment options with me and allowed me time to think it over. He provided pamphlets with
information about each procedure. I decided on using HALO instead of getting a face lift. I am young but lost a lot of weight and my face had wrinkles and loose skin. Downtime was 3… Read more “Watney J.”

Watney J.

Dr. Sutkin is very straight forward and honest on the treatment I need. He doesn’t oversell you any in unnecessary
treatment and the price isreasonable. I will come back and certainly recommend my friendsto use hisservice.
*Individual results may vary

Vivian Y.

Staff was excellent in scheduling and welcoming when I arrived. They were also approachable about questions. The
Dr. is prompt, honest and personable. Thanksfor the service! I’ll be back!
*Individual results may vary

Kristine R.

Dr Sutkin is very clear in explaining before as well as during the treatment which provides me condence and never
felt being in the unknown of the ongoings.
*Individual results may vary

Jessica T.

Very satised! Very thorough patient care.
*Individual results may vary

Natasha M.

I had the best experience with Dr Sutkin! He was on time, very personable and never pushy. He listened to me and
respected the fact that I was a botox virgin and wanted to start offslow and error on the conservative side. He made reasonal recommendationsforsomeone my age and gave me exactly what I wanted. I am more than thrilled with
my results after only 24 hours and after my great expereince I will denitely be back and may even try some other
treatments. The injections was painless and there was no bruising, I went back to… Read more “Patty G.”

Patty G.

From start to nish my service was excellent. Dr. Sutkin used a smaller needle which left me with no bruising (I tend to bruise easily). I was very impressed. Thank you to both Dr. Dani and his wonderful assistants.
*Individual results may vary

Mil M.

I am very pleased with the services and treatments provided by Dr. Sutkin and hisstaff. Dr. Sutkin demonstrates a
true interest in your concerns, takestime to review the best options of treatment,staying in contact with you post
treatment. It has been a pleasure being under Dr. Sutkin’s care. He is considerate and caring, never rushing an
appoinment. Hisstaff is accomodating and helpful. I highly recommend Dr.Sutkin.
*Individual results may vary

Nancy C.

I initially went to Dr Sutkin for Botox. The results were amazing !!! I have returned for Restylane and BBL LASER. Wow it just gets better and better. I love that my skin issmoother , lesslines and spots. Woohoo!! He knows how much of the botox and ller to use. Not too much or too little .. Truly happy.
*Individual results may vary

I feel younger and look younger. Amazing results with a great doctor. I will denitely be going back forsome of the
other procedures. I researched the BBL and Halo procedures offered and took the brochures. I am looking forward to
it all. About the “botox” I had done, I was a little squeamish to go in. I don’t like needles very much but Dr. Sutkin put me at ease. He knew exactly what and how much I required to get the youthful look. He recommended I come back to take picturesso that I may see the results. and… Read more “Sassy 1.”

Sassy 1.

Dr. Sutkin wasthe rst doctor who followed all my desires. Also he found right productsfor my skin. Since then no skin issues. I bought a deal on Groupon lastsummer and was kind of doubtful on whatservice they can provide for such low price. But everything was perfect. Now I am going back for my nextsession.
*Individual results may vary

Ekaterina F.

Very accommodating and professional. I look forward to going back.
*Individual results may vary


Dr Sutkin and hisstaff are amazing! If I could give more starsI would, because he isliterally the best. He is
professional, patient and most importantly great at what he does. I have never felt rushed through my appointment.
He patiently answers all of questions. He listened to what I wastrying to solve and shared the services available. But more importantly he recommended what would bestsuit me. Dr Sutkin even followed the next day to see how I was
doing. I highly recommend Dr Sutkin, he does amazing work!
*Individual results may vary

Shannon G.

Staff isfriendly, place is clean and close! Dr.Sutkin is very knowledgeable and knows how much product will be most benecial….he explains everything in depth…..I will be returning! Thank you!
*Individual results may vary

Barbara B.

This place is great. Very clean, the girls at the front were very sweet and professional. The dr. Answered all my
questions and did a great job.
*Individual results may vary

Carissa L.

SO professional, accommodating, highly knowledgeable, and friendly. Waited ve minutesfor my appointment, was ushered in and the doctor wasthere within minutes! He assessed my needs and wants, recommended a course ofaction based on such. I had Botox done and WOW… Super pleased! As a matter of fact I was at a party with my 10 years younger brother and hisfriends about a month after my procedure and hisfriends were convinced there was
no way I wasten years older than my brother! They all keptsaying, “But where are your wrinkles?? Do you have a
painting in the attic?” LOL… Read more “Loves S.”

Loves S.

I knew asi get close to age 50 I wanted to do some skin rejuvenation procedure to remove brown spots, ll teenage
acne scars, and tighten my facialskin . After much research, I found that Dr. Sutkin is a great resource and has all the training necessary. In our rst meeting he answered all my questions and made me feel totally at ease. I started my first BBL procedure on Dec 2nd and went back to work the same day. Dr. Sutkin made a special trip for me on Sunday Dec 6th to do a Halo procedure on my… Read more “sepidehmadani”


I have a great experience with trusted professionalslike Dr Sutkin. Very accommodating and explains everything in detail. Denitely going to continue using theirservices.
*Individual results may vary

Lakshmi T.

I absolutely love this ofce! From the moment I rst walked in to when I left I felt comfortable and condent I made
the right choice with thisteam. The front desk was happy and friendly and Dr. Sutkin was personable and spent time answering questions. My Botox haslasted way longer than expected which hasn’t happened any other time I’ve had it at other ofces. I cannot wait to try other products and services! They even have epiconce skin care line, which is
*Individual results may vary

Jenn P.

Thank you for excellentservice! Recommended! I appreciate the expertise and tailored approach from the doctor.
*Individual results may vary

Michaela F.

I came to see Dr. Sutkin for the rst time after purchasing a Groupon. I have been to other placesfor the same
services, and the prices were fair. My appointmentstarted on time, and the receptioniststaff were all very friendly. Dr. Sutkin was very professional. He discussed a variety of procedures and options with me, explaining both the benets and the drawbacksto everything. Most importantly, he was patient with me and I never felt rushed. I love that he takes before and after photosfor reference. No other ofce that I have been to has done that. It made my visit… Read more “SMgypsy V.”

SMgypsy V.

Professional & clean ofce that I will visit again.
*Individual results may vary

Cristine T.

I love Health and Beauty Physicians!! Dr Sutkin is wonderful and did an amazing job. He listened to what I needed,
didn’t push me to do anything and helped me understand my optionsfor differentservicesfor the future. Everyone
in the ofce was professional and pleasant. I will come back in the future without any hesitation!
*Individual results may vary

Laura E.

Dr. Howard Sutkin performed a Halo Laserskin treatment on my face in December 2015, and I got to tell you how
much I love the result! The Halo Laser machine he used to treat me isstate of the art, equipped with the newest
laser technology which is able to detect problematic areas, target then treat them. The whole procedure wasshort
and painless and I got back to my routine very quickly. At my follow-up appointment, upon looking at my pictures
before and after treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to see on my skin thatsunspots mostly gone,… Read more “Kq H.”

Kq H.

Dr Sutkin issuch an amazing doctor. He explained everything to me and took histime and patient with me. I am very satised with my results and will continue to see Dr Sutkin. I would recommend him to anyone.
*Individual results may vary

Clay M.

I want to thank Dr.Howard Sutkin forsuch a great experience. I am very satised with the work that Dr. Sutkin has
done for me. I have had some work done by Dr.Sutkin and i have to admit that I am very satised with the result and
the whole procedure. Dr Sutkin was very patient and understood my needs, he spent a fair amount of time going over everything that needsto be done and explaining everything to me, the procedure wassmooth and the results were amazing, I have done llers, Botox & liposuction and I could the see the… Read more “Nader K.”

Nader K.

Halo Laserskin treatment was probably one of the best thingsI’ve done in 2015! I’ve had all kinds ofskin problems
when I was growing up and they have been piling up since I wasin adolescence. I remember by mistakenly applying
some kind of acne ointment on my skin when I was a teen, I had my pores closed to my nose enlarged. As years went
by, I’ve collected acne marks and sun spotsspread mostly on the cheeks of my face. Now after just one Halo Laser
treatment, my skin texture was more even and smoother,sun spots were… Read more “beauty73”


Dr. Howard Sutkin is an amazing professional. I went to see him because ofsome aging issuesI wanted improved. Dr.
Sutkin listen to my concerns, gave me his honest opinion and how he could help me achieve the appearancesI was
looking forsafely. Dr. Sutkin is very sincere and I felt he cared about me not only as his patient but as a person. I have not had any Doctor give me their undivided attention and really care about my interests or opinions as a person like Dr. Sutkin. I’m being vague as what procedure I did for a specic… Read more “Tina M.”

Tina M.

I normally do not YELP and haven’tso in a very long time (5+ years), but today I feel that Dr. Howard Sutkin is very deserving of me making the time to give a review on my recent two visits; botox and llers. I’ve done a few botoxs at four other clinics- never llers(this was my rst time trying dermal llers). Even though I am happy with my
previous clinicsfor botox – Dr. Sutkin just earned a new patient regularly (thanksto Groupon, I would of never
known about Health & Beauty Physicians). Dr. Sutkin isfun, very easy on the… Read more “L M.”

L M.

Dr. Sutkin and hisstaff were amazing! He came in on a Saturday to accommodate my schedule. He was kind, patient
and extremely knowledgeable. I did Halo and BBL. He explained everything step-by-step, and made sure I was very
comfortable along the way. He also followed up with me several times.I was very impressed with him and I will be
returning for a series of treatments.He is helping me turn back time !! Amen
*Individual results may vary

Lisa C.

I wanted to remove sun damage and age spots on my face. Also, my skin texture, glow, and pores were terrible asI
have aged. I had seen a few dermatologists but I was not able to get the resultsI waslooking for after many treatments. Halo and Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments with Dr. Howard Sutkin exceeded my expectations. I feel
that my face is glowing with smaller pores and better texture. I feel comfortable to go out without any foundation or make up. I am very happy with my results and would recommend Halo and BBL to anybody.… Read more “Farah A.”

Farah A.

Dr. Sutkin isfantastic! I had the Halo procedure and the BBL done with amazing results, my skin never looked so
beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Sutkin.
*Individual results may vary

Cecy M.

I knew as i get close to age 50 I wanted to do some skin rejuvenation procedure to remove brown spots, ll teenage
acne scars, and tighten my facialskin . After much research, I found that Dr. Sutkin is a great resource and has all the training necessary. In our rst meeting he answered all my questions and made me feel totally at ease. Istarted my first BBL procedure on Dec 2nd and went back to work the same day. Dr. Sutkin made a special trip for me on Sunday Dec 6th to do a Halo procedure on my… Read more “Sandy H.”

Sandy H.

I had the pleasure of meeting this group tonight and loved every single person! Thank you so much for your
attentive, professional, and caring nature. I cannot wait to see you all again. Everyone should try out their new halo treatment! Hopefully I get to take you allskydiving too
*Individual results may vary

Jennifer E.

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful all the staff was and Dr.Sutkin. I had severe TMJ issues and was given
Botox/xeomin treatmentsin my jaw which quickly resolved my issues. My face hurtssignicantly less, the migraines
can become excruciating and Dr. Sutkin isthorough and informative. He really took the time to help me to better
understand the treatment and the root cause. I also wastreated with Botox/Xeomin to repair damage caused to the
rightside of my face from Bell’s palsy, which made me self conscious and insecure. My rightside of my mouth no
longer droops… Read more “Alexa S.”

Alexa S.

I have been going to Dr. Howard Sutkin for the past couple of years and he’s done Miraclesfor me and I’ve never felt better than I do at the age of 43 now!! I’m greatful to him and would highly recommend him.
*Individual results may vary

Ray S.

I had a procedure done a few weeks ago with the new lipo HD technology, it wasfast and easy with little to no downtime and Dr. Sutkin was excellent about making himself available to answer all of my questions and concerns. I am thrilled with the results and would recommend Dr. Sutkin to anyone. Hisfacility is clean and easy to nd and the staff are very friendly too.
*Individual results may vary

America T.

I took advantage of an unbelievable Botox offer, and I am pleased beyond words. Dr. Sutkin usesthe nest Japanese needles and superior quality Botox, and I barely felt the injections at all. Great technique! No bruising, no soreness, no side effects, and the next morning I already saw my browsstarting to subtly lift, and my crepe upper eyesstart to smooth. HURRAY! I never tell my husband aboutsuch things because he tendsto be squeamish, and he asked me what was different. Nice job, Dr. Sutkin! By the way, yourskin is gorgeous….what do YOU use?
*Individual results may vary

Carina M.

Prior to having Dr. Howard Sutkin of Elite Weight Management in Sunnyvale, CA doing the Vibration Assisted Lipo procedure on my chin 2 weeks ago, I did a research to get myself familiarized with this procedure. I found out that this technique has been widely popular in Europe since 1997. I also found out (and experienced myself during and after the procedure) that patientslike me have lesser pain, lesser bruising and better and faster recovery than those who go through the traditional liposuction procedure. My sagging, double-chin has been my biggest problem since I can’t remember when. Now that I… Read more “Martin M.”

Martin M.

I made an appointment with Dr. Sutkin’s ofce a month ago and I am very impressed with Dr. Sutkin’s work. I came in for a VI peel, ller- Radiesse, and botox on separate dates. The outcome exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sutkin has a great demeanor and was very kind and polite. I have seen many doctors and none have been this good natured. He took time answering my questionssince I had reservations on doing anything to my face. I will be coming back for yearsto come.
*Individual results may vary

Sara S.

I wasreferred by a close friend to Dr. Sutkin at Elite Weight Management. I wasinterested in getting more information on HD Lipo. I don’t consider myself overweight, however after having two kidsthere were areas of my stomach I was hoping he could help with. Ischeduled a consultation with Dr. Sutkin and was highly impressed. He was warm, personable and informative. I felt he was very honest with what I needed and very realistic with what kind of resultsI could expect. I decided on the spot to have Dr. Sutkin perform my procedure. The day of the procedure came and it… Read more “Diem N.”

Diem N.

I had the VI peel treatment with Dr. Sutkin as well as Xeomin/Botox injection. I am very happy with both treatments and the results. He explained the treatment in great details and also told me what Ishould expect in the following days. I would highly recommend him.
*Individual results may vary

Farah A.

Dr Sutkin isfantastic. He uses all of the latest products available for great resultsI wasimpressed with his up to date knowledge on many proceduresI would highly recommend hisservices
*Individual results may vary

Chanelle M.


After your procedure, our Medical Providers will review how to care for your skin for the best possible results. The first few days after treatment, some patients may experience symptoms such as:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Itching

These symptoms will take a few days to a week to go away and do not prevent patients from enjoying their results and participating in work and other activities the same day as their treatment.*

*Recovery time varies from patient to patient

Schedule your initial consultation today by calling Health & Beauty Physicians’ office at (408)-636-7101 to learn more about Restylane.

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