Martin M.

Prior to having Dr. Howard Sutkin of Elite Weight Management in Sunnyvale, CA doing the Vibration Assisted Lipo procedure on my chin 2 weeks ago, I did a research to get myself familiarized with this procedure. I found out that this technique has been widely popular in Europe since 1997. I also found out (and experienced myself during and after the procedure) that patientslike me have lesser pain, lesser bruising and better and faster recovery than those who go through the traditional liposuction procedure. My sagging, double-chin has been my biggest problem since I can’t remember when. Now that I am 47 years old, not even diet and exercise can remove the fatsthat accumulated in that area (my chin) over the years. And, being in a businessthat looks, appearance and demeanor are very important to have, I needed to have this procedure done. And it worked! Thanksto Dr. Sutkin and hisstaff, the fats are gone. I am thankful to have found a cosmetic doctor that is highly experienced in his eld. And, I just want to share my awesome experience to everyone!
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