What is Vibration Assisted Liposuction?

December 28th, 2015

Liposuction is a technique that’s been around for a long time. You may even know how it works – a tiny tube called a cannula is inserted into the target area and excess fat is suctioned out, providing a smoother, leaner contour. It’s safe, quick, and effective so why change it, right?

Think of all the things that might not have been invented if mankind had just settled for well enough: electricity, cars, smart phones…I’m sure you can see where we’re going with this. Traditional liposuction is great, but now, Sunnyvale and San Jose liposuction patients have a more modern alternative: vibration assisted liposuction.

How is VAL Different from Traditional Liposuction?

Unlike traditional liposuction, in which a cannula is manually manipulated to suction fat cells, VAL uses air pressure activated cannulas that move in a vibrating rotational manner to loosen and collect fat. The vibration generates no heat but removes fatty tissue in a more efficient manner while still preserving neighboring non-fatty tissues. This advanced form of movement and collection provides a number of benefits to patients over traditional liposuction including:

  • Less trauma during surgery and a shorter procedure time
  • Less pain due to nerve stimulation by vibration, allowing for local rather than general anesthesia
  • More consistent, even fat removal for a smoother final contour
  • Enhanced skin tightening and stimulation of new collagen development
  • Less post-procedure swelling, bruising, and faster recovery time
  • Higher fat cell survival rate for fat transfer procedures

Dr. Sani is proud to be one of the few in America offering this advanced liposuction technique, but it is already regarded by many in Europe as the best liposuction method available.

Get the slimmer figure you want with more precision and less down-time than traditional techniques. Call Sunnyvale and San Jose liposuction expert Dr. Sani today at 408.636.7101 to schedule your appointment.

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