Kristin S.

I purchased a Groupon for Botox after nding out my regular doctor had raised the cost on histreatmentsto an insane amount. I was nervousto nd a new doctor but went with Health & Beauty Physicians after reading the reviews. My nerves were soon calmed asthey were very accommodating and friendly. I was having a bad day and was running pretty late. I called and informed them I waslate and the staff told me to come in if I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. Once called in, Dr. Sutkin did not try to push more units on me even though I told him my previous doctor gave me more than 20 units. He told me that he didn’t think I needed that many units and if I disagreed later after the Botox set in I could always come back in for more. Dr. Sutkin even gave me some encouraging wordsin regardsto being rejected from my rst choice grad school that eased me even further. Not only am I happy with my results, but I felt comfortable and assured with Dr. Sutkin and hisstaff. Their customerservice and professionalism left me with nothing but good thingsto say. I will be back for a second appointment and would recommend you give them a try!

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