Sandy H.

I knew as i get close to age 50 I wanted to do some skin rejuvenation procedure to remove brown spots, ll teenage
acne scars, and tighten my facialskin . After much research, I found that Dr. Sutkin is a great resource and has all the training necessary. In our rst meeting he answered all my questions and made me feel totally at ease. Istarted my first BBL procedure on Dec 2nd and went back to work the same day. Dr. Sutkin made a special trip for me on Sunday Dec 6th to do a Halo procedure on my face. I wasso scared and thought that I may actually chicken out and change my mind last minute, but he assured me that I would be surprised. The procedure took about 30 min and I
was so calm and relaxed that I could not believe myself. I had no pain but a feeling like if you get a lightsun tan on you skin. Today was my day 4 and I was already back to work without any makeup. I Love Dr. Sutkin’s work and his
professional care and attention. I am going in for two more procedure after this one. Thank you for a great job Dr.
Howard Sutkin at Health & Beauty Physicians
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